The 2013 Canadian EquiTrend® Study

Your brand is one of the most important assets you have. But how successful is your brand in capturing the attention of new customers?  Equally important, is it successful in leveraging the equity it has built over time into an ongoing, engaged relationship?

EquiTrend® is an annual tracking study that measures and compares the brand health of 500 unique brands in more than 40 categories.

It evaluates consumers' engagement and offers a complete diagnostic of a brand's position within and outside of its industry.

Brand Equity, Consumer Connection, and Brand Momentum are the "big picture" measures of consumer engagement. To fully understand the brand/consumer relationship, we ask 10,000 Canadians to rate brands' performances on a series of important, equity-influencing metrics. Those metrics combine to give us a brand's overall Equity score.

In this constantly shifting business environment, it is more important than ever to keep a pulse on the power of your brand.  With increasing demand to get “more for less”, EquiTrend® is a cost-effective way for you to measure your brand’s strength today and to understand its potential in the future.