Market Research

Harris/Decima’s Market Assessment solutions provide a cohesive understanding of markets — both the ones you operate in now and ones you may want to enter. We help you assess the individuals who participate in your markets—their needs, wants, characteristics and behaviors. Beyond this, we help you comprehend how individuals interact with brands and products, providing a detailed description of your market’s texture and any accompanying opportunities.

Our solutions rest on four pillars, each providing insight into critical strategic marketing issues:

  • The Individual: How can I target my products most effectively? What are the characteristics and needs of those who are my best potential or actual customers? What groups of consumers should I avoid marketing to?
  • Competitive Landscape: What organizations participate in this market? What do the individuals who purchase and use their products and services think of them? How do their strengths and weaknesses compare to yours? Do their stakeholders advocate for them?
  • Market Structure and Size: How are products and services used in this market depending on situation and occasion? Are there gaps in the market that your products or services could fill? How large is the market in total?
  • Reputation Audit: What is the current reputation measure for your brand and how can it best be increased?

Why Harris/Decima

  • Over 30 years of experience in Market Assessment
  • Deep industry expertise coupled with unparalleled survey design and respondent measurement tools
  • Proprietary, innovative techniques
  • Cutting edge qualitative tools such as Advanced Strategy Lab (ASL)
  • Deep quantitative analysis through Strategy Cube
  • Social Media Monitoring and On-Line Communities
  • Global reach in analyzing markets