Market Structure & Size

Harris Interactive’s Market Structure solution helps you better position new and existing products by providing a map of your market in terms of which products are used by whom and in what situations.   Our analyses shed insight on such questions as:

  • Which products in your category are used by individuals across a wide array of occasions and which are only used in specific situations?
  • Which products are viewed as close substitutes for each other based on comparable uses?
  • Are there gaps in the market that are not being met by existing products?
  • How large are the opportunities associated with specific situations?

Our analysis is based on an engaging survey process in which individuals are asked about both the situations where they use a product or service and the specific products they use in these situations.  Our solution set thus gets beyond simple aggregate measures of total market size to provide a more focused opportunity assessment.

  • The results are presented graphically so that you get a physical sense of the structure of the market, not just a set of data.  This makes it easier to understand and reach conclusions about key marketing issues:
  • Which individuals represent the greatest short- and long-term opportunities for you?
  • Which occasion and need states dominate in the market?
  • What role does brand play in helping to structure the market and how do your products and those of key competitors fit?