Reputation Performance

Corporate reputation management is a continuous process that requires ongoing assessment and evaluation to detect early warning signs for potential issues.  Your organization must be ready to proactively manage associated brand attributes to resolve any possible reputation red flags.

The Harris/Decima Reputation practice equips your firm with the ongoing education and training to not only detect these possible hindrances, but to prevent any friction that they may cause to your brand.

By aligning corporate reputation standards with all business behaviors, communications, programs, and practices, we aid your brand in maintaining a positive public perception – housed in an environment where it can only be improved upon, not degraded.

The resultant business outcomes of ongoing reputation management include:

  • Becoming a trusted source of information
  • Enhanced recruitment of potential new employees
  • Becoming a partner of choice
  • Enhanced endorsement (or neutrality) of appropriate organizations and stakeholder groups
  • Improved business performance