Product Research

Today’s product developer faces an increasingly challenging marketplace. Limited internal resources and budgets, an increasing need to move rapidly to market, brand names whose equity is stretched to the breaking point, and demanding buyers all make the risks and payoffs from new product development larger and even more uncertain than in the past.

Harris/Decima provides you with a flexible suite of traditional and innovative New Product Development solutions designed to help you meet the unique challenges of today’s marketplace regardless of your industry.

We assist you in answering such questions as:

  • What new products or services would buyers like to see? What ideas are being discussed by bloggers and other Internet participants?
  • Which of your new ideas for products are most engaging and interesting to buyers and thus should move forward for future development?
  • How large is the market for your new product(s)? Does it consist primarily of people who like your brand already?
  • Which features must your product have? Which elements can make it a truly unique and appealing offer?
  • How should you package your product so as to maximize shelf appeal? What is the best pricing strategy to follow? Are you offering the best possible line of products or should you add or delete some?

We work with you to take into account the impact that corporate and brand positioning may have on how your innovations are perceived by buyers, how the needs and requirements of buyers may affect their reactions to your products, and how prior experiences and satisfaction of buyers may affect their reaction to your new offerings.

Why Harris/Decima

  • Over 50 years of New Product Development experience with global reach
  • Integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches across multiple industries and markets, drawing on both in-house resources as well as partnerships
  • Incorporation of New Product Development work with Brand and Stakeholder research through our common Consumer Connection framework
  • State-of-the-art market estimation and simulation techniques