Packaging, Pricing & Line Optimization


Packaging, which is often your ultimate touch point with consumers, is an increasingly important and strategic way to manage your brand portfolio.

Harris/Decima offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you meet this challenge by:

  • Evaluating the health of your current packaging
  • Gaining  contextual intelligence in the field
  • Laying the foundation for a holistic package design creative brief
  • Assessing the  graphics, labels and structures of new package designs

Our collection of solutions blend leading edge online virtual shelf tools and in-store and central location methodologies with quantitative and qualitative research techniques – providing the critical point-in-time insights necessary to ensure that your packaging delivers in market.


Whether part of a larger investigation of market potential or as a stand-alone issue, Harris/Decima can guide you in determining the optimal price for a product.   We utilize methodologies such as choice-based conjoint analyses and simulate the effects of various prices on the share of choice achieved by a given product, while also including more traditional monadic price testing experiments and tools such as the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter.

Line Optimization

Does your organization meet the individual needs of consumers by offering numerous varieties of your products?  Are you struggling to determine which varieties to keep, add or delete?  When you face these challenges, the Harris/Decima Line Optimization Test (LOT) can help you predict the effects of various alternatives in a product line on the net consumer reach within the target group.  LOT provides the size and composition of the optimum product line and the effects of line extensions on the entire product range.