Recruiting Services

Successful qualitative studies require good people - creative, articulate participants, friendly, well-trained staff, professional hosts and experienced, knowledgeable project managers make the difference. Harris/Decima can provide recruiting for almost any consumer or business group you target, drawing on the ethnic, linguistic, and economic diversity of North America, as well as our proprietary database.

Harris/Decima’s team can make the difference:

  • Trained experienced in-house recruiters, with over 15% of calls monitored and validated.
  • Specialists in random recruiting & calling from client-provided lists.
  • Calling augmented from proprietary databases.
  • Daily updates from project manager (includes detailed participants lists, sample reports and update on issues and progress) by email, fax or phone.
  • Local, national & international recruitment coordination and centralized project management.
  • Recruitment adheres to MRIAMRA and industry guidelines & standards.

We are also a contributor to MRIA: Qualitative Central — a respondent tracking system effectively used across Canada to help keep “professional” respondents (repeaters) and unsuitable people out of focus groups or in-depth interviews.