Stakeholder Research

Leading brands understand that the secret to sustainability is optimizing relationships with the people that have a “stake” in their success. Customers, employees, partners and suppliers are the key stakeholders whose relationships are the single-greatest asset of any organization.

Stakeholder Relationship Consulting at Harris/Decima will help you measure, manage and take action based on insights we gather from relationship assessment programs. From the strategic, macro-view of overall customer relationships to the tactical, micro-view of specific customer transactions, our integrated suite of flexible, proven solutions empowers you to elevate and enhance the strength and actionability of your research.

Our solution set is comprised of five interconnected pillars:

  • Relationship Assessment: Gain a strategic evaluation of relationships in total
  • Touchpoint Experience: Ensure your processes deliver against top criteria
  • Customer Churn & Winback: Prevent defection and selectively re-engage customers
  • Employee Engagement: Maintain active, involved relationships with employees
  • Reputation Management: Identify key areas to focus on in managing corporate reputation

Why Harris/Decima

  • Scalable and connected solutions
  • Breadth and depth of expertise that spans the entire consultative value chain
  • Thought leadership and fresh perspectives
  • Relevant insight to cover the entire spectrum of your relationship management needs
  • Expanded research consulting
  • Establish and learn from linkages to other data streams – particularly business and financial metrics